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Longmen type engineering car washing machine


Longmen type engineering car washing machine

Applicate as follows:

1. The construction industry
2. Landfills
3. Mines
4. Seaport

5. Concrete mixing plant

6. Fly ash facilities
7. Coal-mine


1. Automatic and easy to operate use.
2. Wheel wash starting by photoelectric sensors controlled by computer.
3. Long life use with high quality steel with preservative treatment fram.
4. The low use-cost for the water recycling, low failure rate and automatic.

Equipment Parameter

Overall dimensions


Mains voltage

AC380V /50HZ/20A

Total power


Water supply

DN25mm/Waterflow rate≥120L/min

Washing pressure


Available car to wash


Washing time




Starting mode

Automatic/ Manual /Remote control

Equipment Advantages

1. Its ideal for construction industry, mines, energy plants and landfills.
2. To provides 360° Spray on the wheel tire, vehicle surface with high pressure water.
3. The washing and dredge work can be finished automated controlled by PLC systems
4. The wheel wash frame adopted high quality steel with preservative treatment can keep the whole machine high safety and stable performance, high capacity and long life use.
5. High quality control systems, motors, pumps and photoelectric sensors from Japan can keep the car wash running with great performance in any conditions.
6. Very easy to install, maintain and relocation with our after sales service and lifetime warranty.

Equipment Parameter


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